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You say that you want to improve on this type of artwork....? You must be on something, because this blew me away with how stunningly d...


Hey guys.
So I haven't posted anything to this site for probably about a year, perhaps more.
The truth is, I'm just too damn tired.
I kind of had an epiphany of sorts with my own life. It can be acquainted with healing from depression. I changed a lot over the last year alone, and with that change came my loss of interest with this site entirely.
I can honestly say that I won't ever post anything again here, nor anywhere else probably. I don't see a use for this site anymore. The whole point of me coming here and putting anything on this website was to become "famous" if you could ever call it that, like my sister :iconvampirika: did. But I never did, and truth be told, I never will with my current skill level. Sure, it's good, but it will never be hers, or anyone else's really.
I really don't need to be posting this tbh. Most of you, watchers, probably don't even remember that I ever posted anything to begin with. But I felt like I should end my profile with some closure for anyone willing to listen, and also namely for myself to give me a little bit less guilt for neglecting my profile here.
I really do appreciate all of you, dear watchers. Back when it really meant something to me, you guys lit up my world just with the touch of the "Watch" button.
Thank you all. I appreciate your small amount of support that you gave to me when I was just a young artist posting my shitty sketchwork.
I will stay active on devART purely for the content that I still watch. I  will only use this for my own enjoyment now.

see you guys on the flip side.

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Happy birthday! :party:
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moomoo17 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
thanks so much for the fav! Also, I have to say, your journal is ridiculously similar to my situation! Though I've been on DA for years... XD
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:iconlove: im so happy right now and I DUNNO WHHHYYYYYYYYY wheeeeeeeeeeee
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crap ignore that, I'm trying to do something
MyLittleGuillotine Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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